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Share your comments and feelings about a William Owens composition!  We welcome suggestions for the website as well.  So drop us a line or two, as we would love to hear about your experiences with Willie's music!

Corps of Discovery
This a great piece for my band.  The scoring and common sense doubling was a great aid for teaching cross-ensemble listening.  It was also a fun piece to play.  I will be exploring more of your music for my kids.  Maybe we can work it out for you to come and give a clinic in the future.
Lee Brossette
Band Director

It has been a great honor to work with William on a commissioned work for the All-Iowa 8th Grade Honor Band.  His piece Krakatoa is a very exciting grade 2.5 that depicts a volcano both silent and erupting.  We are very excited to have Mr. Owens write this great piece of music for us!
Randy Atkinson
Band Director/Event Coordinator


In Autumn

Wow, your music is amazing!  I was searching through the web for band and orchestra music and came across your piece In Autumn.  I liked it so much I listened to it twice.  Now three days later, I find myself listening to it constantly.  It's so great and inspiring!




Spirit Of The Fleet

I wanted to inform you that my high school band will be playing your Spirit Of The Fleet march for our region concert band assessment this Spring.  It's not the first work of yours we've done and we always enjoy playing your compositions.  Thank you for your contributions to the wind band repertoire.

Kevin Sherman

Band Director


Albany Fanfare

Lieksa Your Wind Band from Finland will be playing your Albany Fanfare at national band days held in Joensuu.  We have been enjoying very much while rehearsing this music.  It is very motivating and energetic piece!  Thank you for your great work for a developing program like ours.  Lots of success for your compositions in the future!

Minna Kajander


Lieksa, Finland


My band was invited to perform at the Band Directors' Conference in Mississippi.  I am really looking forward to working on Exaltations with my Symphonic Band.  It is very impactful and I think it will have a huge effect on the band directors of Mississippi

Zachary Harris

Band Director



Working with you was really fun and quite the experience!  I sincerely hope to play under your direction again sometime.  Ironclads was a personal favorite of mine and my family.  Thank you sooooo much for the opportunity to play this music under your extraordinary direction.




Summit Fanfare

I called my friend Willie Owens and asked if he would write a piece that would fit our group for contest.  It was just a few days later that Summit Fanfare was done, and what a great piece it was!  It's an honor to have a piece written specifically for your ensemble, and quite another to have such a well done piece that hits on all cylinders!  The kids love it and it feels so right - thank you my friend!

Andy Patterson

Band Director


Summit Fanfare

I would like to thank Willie for writing this wonderful piece for our band!  Not only were the students thrilled with the honor of performing music written especially for them, but they were truly energized by the way it was scored.  I have performed many of Mr. Owens' pieces, and have found that I can always count on them to have great interplay of voices, beautiful melodies and lots of energy.  Thanks Willie for lifting us up!

Cathy Besyner

Band Director


The Tahoka Galop

BIG fan of your music!  We're working on The Tahoka Galop for contest.  Keep inspired - you're making a positive contribution to band literature!

Danny Burnes

Band Director

With Good Will and Glad Tidings

Thursday evening at 7:30, the world's greatest holiday melody With Good Will and Glad Tidings will be performed by my 1st period concert band.  Thank you for a fantastic arrangement!

Jim Kull

Band Director


Jupiter from "The Planets"

I am in the process of completing my masters thesis and have been referring you Mr. Owens' arrangement of Jupiter frequently in my writing.  As an arrangement, the work does an excellent job of representing the original work while still making the music quite accessible to younger ensembles.  Furthermore, Mr. Owens was gracious enough to take part in a phone interview which will be a valuable part of my project.  I can't thank him enough, whether for creating this masterful arrangement or being as gracious and approachable as he is.

Dustin Bartley

Graduate Assistant Conductor for Band/Orchestra


Kitty Hawk, 1903

My band recently played Kitty Hawk, 1903.  My students were very taken by the piece and talked about it after weeks after our band festival.  It's a wonderfully conceived work and was a great motivator for my kids.

Harper Wynne

Band Director

Vancouver, British Columbia